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Android UI Development - Tips, Tricks, and Techniques from Google's Anrdroid UI Toolkit Team
Google Accounts
Learn about Android Internals and NDK
Google I/O 12 - The Android Sessions - YouTube
Android Anfänger Workshop - Android Wiki - AndroidPIT
Android Development Tutorial
Androgames | Android Accelerometer Sensor tutorial
Alle Apps - Google Play Developer Console

Android - Wallpaper

Icon Archive - Search 434,303 free icons, desktop icons, download icons, social icons, xp icons, vista icons
Android Live Wallpaper - Tutorial



Tutorial: Getting Started with Actionbar Sherlock 4.0 - YouTube
2D Physics on Android (using Box2D) | 4 Feet Software
android imageview onClick animation - Stack Overflow

Android - Publish

Google Accounts

Android - QKeeper

Everything about ciphers

UMLet Homepage - Free UML Tool
Development kits - Dropbox
java - javax.crypto working differently in different versions of Android OS? - Stack Overflow
net.tawacentral.roger.secrets.FileUtils Source Code |
Detecting which selected item (in a ListView) spawned the ContextMenu (Android) - Stack Overflow
Encrypt/Decrypt Strings - Android Snippets
Android Application Development Tutorial - 56 - Creating a PreferenceActivity - YouTube
Sai Geetha's Blog - Android: Gallery View | Android Developer Tutorial
Encrypting a String with DES | Example Depot
Android ListView and ListActivity - Tutorial
Git with Eclipse (EGit) - Tutorial
Android Series: Custom ListView items and adapters
local graphics
How to Implement a Provider
SecureRandom - Android Security Discussions | Google Groups


playing audio on voice call
play audio over an active phone call
Need to play adio into call
Media Playback | Android Developers

Android - Kitty

AdMob - Campaigns
Camera Preview Example in Android Programming | Android Tutorial | Android SDK Development & Programming
Basic example of using date and time widgets, android.widget.DatePicker. : TimePicker « UI « Android
Android MapView -setting zoom automatically until all ItemizedOverlay's are visible - Stack Overflow
android maps: How to Long Click a Map? - Stack Overflow
(99+) Google AdMob Ads Developers - Google Groups
MapView Tutorial - Google Maps Android API — Google Developers
MapView Tutorial - Google Maps Android API — Google Developers
Signing Your Applications | Android Developers
Android Homescreen Widgets- Tutorial
App Widgets | Android Developers
Introduction - Google AdMob Ads SDK — Google Developers
Using SQLite Database with Android - CodeProject
Android Developers Blog: Why is my list black? An Android optimization
Der Umgang mit SQLite - Tutorials & FAQs - Android-Developers
Android SQLite Database and ContentProvider - Tutorial
Android: Strange out of memory issue while loading an image to a Bitmap object - Stack Overflow
Handling Contact Photos (All API Levels) « Think Android
android - How do I load a contact Photo? - Stack Overflow
How To Get Started With ExpandableListView - Android Development | Dream.In.Code



Java ist auch eine Insel – 9.2 Threads erzeugen
Tutorial / Java Grundlagen / Exceptions


MSI GE60-i750M287 Gaming Notebook [39,6cm (15.6") / i7-3630QM / 8GB / 750GB / 650M / Win8] bei
ASUS N56VB-S4050H Notebook 39cm (15,6") [i7, 8GB RAM ,750GB HDD, NVIDIA GT 740M] bei
Der Dell Online-Shop: Stellen Sie Ihr eigenes System zusammen


SELFHTML: Navigationshilfen / Suche
jQuery Plugins - Widgets
jQuery UI

Galileo Computing :: Visual C# 2010 – 13 Binäre Serialisierung
Willemers Informatik-Ecke - TCP/IP
List of 2D Map Editors


Arcane Lessons « Arcane Code
WPF Videos -
WPF Tutorial | Grid Panel
WPF Tutorial - Using The ListView, Part 3 - In Place Edit | Switch on the Code
WPF and .NET 3.5 - Drawing Customized Controls and Custom UI Elements - CodeProject


C# 3.0 Tutorial: Extension methods and lambda expressions - Programmer's Heaven