PC Projects

PC Projects

The software listed hereafter was written using Visual C++. Purpose of these little projects is to explore certain Windows mechanics. Use on your own risk. Please feel to comment on any of the projects. I am open for suggestions. Questions are welcome too. Please forward to this e-mail.

PC Projects Kazaa Download Accelerator

- Add-on for Kazaa Lite
- Performs "Search for more Sources" after user defined intervals
- Will start Kazaa main application if not already running
- No Spy-ware or Ad-ware
- No installation required

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PC Projects HP48 Text Converter

- Program that performs a word wrapping on text files. These files can be transferred
to the HP48 calculator. If You have installed TED and UFL library (!!not included!!)
the text is displayed directly pressing one of the white buttons (A-F)

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PC Projects Screensaver

- Qbert's DirectX Screensaver.
Installing instructions: Extract the content of the zip file to Your windows directory (not windows/system).
The name of Your windows directory depends on Your windows installation.
If You have done that, You can choose the screensaver from the display properties.

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PC Projects 3D DirectX Engine

Interested to join a project. I am looking for enthusiasts to write yet another 3D engine. Purpose of this project to explore DirectX.

What is the aim?
The aim is to write a portal engine that should allow rendering indoor and outdoor environments. Due to time constraints simplicity should be key to the project. If possible no custom editor shall be required to create the models. Everything shall be imported from a 3D editing program such as 3D Studio Max. Preferable using the existing ASCII export functions.
In the back of my head I have the idea to write a 3D version of the DOS Bomberwoman (Bomberman clone).

Was has been done so far?
This project is in an early stage. A VC++ project has been created using the DirectX AppWizard. A 3D Studio MAX ASCII import function has been written. A function has been written that calculates low resolution shadow maps. See screenshot below. The sphere is the light source. The box is an object casting shadows. The grid below shows the shadow map blended onto the color(texture) map. All triangles of the grid share one shadow map texture.

Software Requirements
DirectX 9.0 SDK, 3D Studio MAX 5.0

Required knowledge
Advanced C++ and coding in general
At least intermediate level of DirectX and 3D maths

What do I offer?
A passion for computer games. A platform to explore DirectX.

Please drop me an e-mail

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